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June 27, 2022

ELDER ABUSE FINANCIAL PREVENTION MONTH FMFCU cares about the safety and security of our members. June is Elder Financial Abuse Prevention Month and we highly recommend taking just a few minutes to read about the signs and types of elder abuse scams, including ways to protect yourself or a loved one. FINANCIAL SIGNS OF ELDER […]

Device Security

FMFCU April 2022 Security Newsletter

April 28, 2022

FMCFU cares about the protection and security of our members and their financial accounts. Our new videos will show you how to improve your security awareness and how to utilize the free tools FMFCU provides to our entire membership. Learn how you can SECURE your FMFCU Debit Card. More Videos Enhance your ACCOUNT SECURITY with […]

Device Security

FMFCU’s Summer Security Newsletter

August 7, 2020

Beware of the Latest Scams Money Mule Scams Scammers may try to use you to move stolen money. If you help them, you could be what law enforcement calls a money mule. Scammers send money to you, sometimes by check, then ask you to send some of it to someone else. They often want you […]

Device Security

FMFCU’s Spring Security Newsletter

April 9, 2020

One hour check up = Peace of mind It’s time to review your most important web sites and apps you log into to make sure you’re taking advantage of all security features offered. Web site security used to be just entering a username and password in a secure URL and away you went. Those days […]

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