Don’t Get Fooled by Federal Student Loan Relief Scammers

August 23, 2023

With Federal Student Loan payments starting back up this Fall, stay alert for scammers pretending to be with Student Loan Relief Programs. Always remember that you do not have to pay for help managing student loans. There are two key signs to spot these scams: They try charging illegal upfront fees They offer quick loan […]

Watch Out For Continued Card Skimming Fraud

July 11, 2023

What is Card Skimming? Card skimming is a method thieves use to collect data from the magnetic strip on a credit or debit card at the time it is being used during a transaction. Skimming involves a device that is illegally installed on machines to store and transfer card data. Card skimming devices are typically […]

June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month: Protect Loved Ones with Dementia

June 15, 2023

Financial crime against older Americans is a growing problem. People living with dementia are at an especially high risk of becoming victims of fraud and financial abuse. As their memory and other thinking skills decline, people with dementia may struggle to make financial decisions. They may not remember or report the abuse – or understand […]

EXTORTION – What is it and what to do if you are a victim

May 11, 2023

Becoming a victim of fraud is extremely distressful for those affected, regardless of how it occurs. There are some unique situations where a member may feel too scared or ashamed to report that they were victimized.   Extortion is a crime that occurs when someone threatens to harm or damage someone’s reputation or property unless […]

Stay Alert for AI-Generated Phishing Scams

May 4, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology continues to evolve, enhance and become more powerful. While AI can be very beneficial, it can be just as harmful. In fact, AI has now become a powerful tool for generating phishing emails- specifically AI chatbot tools such as ChatGPT.* Scammers have been taking advantage of this tool because it makes […]

Don’t be Fooled by AI Investment Fraud

May 4, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a number of different technologies that enable computers to sense, understand, act, and learn with human-like levels of intelligence. Due to AI technology, computers are able to perform a variety of advanced functions. Scammers are aware of the hype around AI and are using this hype to their advantage to […]