What is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

October 8, 2023

Taking the extra step beyond just a password can protect your business, online purchases, bank accounts, and even your identity from potential hackers. This extra step is known as Multi-factor Authentication (or two-factor authentication). What is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)*? MFA is a layered approach to securing your online accounts and the data they contain. When […]

Using FMFCU’s Online or Mobile Banking Alerts

July 25, 2023

SECURITY ALERTS You can create and manage alerts to remind you of important dates, warn you about the status of your accounts, and tell you when certain transactions occur. When you create an alert, you specify the conditions that trigger the alert as well as the delivery option to receive that alert. All alerts will automatically be sent to your Online Banking account via Secure Messages, regardless […]

Get a password manager app – make your life easy!

October 20, 2022

If you find yourself consistently getting locked out of one online account or another because you’re drawing a blank when you try to log in, it’s time to consider a password manager to help you seamlessly oversee and handle all your login credentials. Password managers are also handy for auto-filling forms and syncing your data […]

Gambing Problem – How to Implement Self-Imposed Gambling Limits

November 17, 2021

Some individuals may find that using self-imposed limits helps to keep their online gambling behavior at a responsible level. A registered player may select one or more limits or may suspend their registered iGaming account for a certain period of time. Registered players can select a limit or suspension by logging into their account and […]

Secure Your Mobile Device

October 21, 2020

Keep your mobile device from becoming a window into your private data if it is ever lost, stolen, or accessed by someone without authorization with these safety tips. Lock your smartphone with a strong password. Understand your apps. When you download an app, read the privacy policy so you understand what you are agreeing to. Apps may […]

Online security tips for working from home

October 20, 2020

Teleworking during the Coronavirus outbreak? While working from home can help slow the spread of the virus, it brings new challenges: juggling work while kids are home from school; learning new software and conferencing programs; and managing paper files at home. As you’re getting your work-at-home systems set up, here are some tips for protecting […]

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