Stay Alert with the Increase in Fraudulent Texts and Phone Calls

January 31, 2023

Fraudulent text messages and phone calls are continuing to increase. Scammers are out to steal personal and financial information, and it is important to stay alert and recognize non legitimate text messages. In the latest of these scams, texts and calls are appearing to be from FMFCU or Zelle®. Be aware of: Texts claiming to […]

Planning to Travel This Year? Avoid Scams!

January 6, 2023

The beginning of the New Year is a common time to start planning trips and vacations. It is important to stay alert and educated in order to avoid becoming the victim of scams when traveling. These scams might start off as a call, text message, or flyer in the mail. They could also be in […]

Protect Your Money from Gift Card Scams This Holiday

December 16, 2022

During the holiday season and into the New Year, keep your hard-earned money safe from scammers by spotting and avoiding gift card scams. Scammers want you to pay with gift cards because they are like cash – once you use a gift card, the money on it is gone.* In a gift card scam, the […]

Stay Alert for Holiday Job Scams

December 2, 2022

During the holiday season, many retailers and delivery services are looking for extra help. If you are thinking of applying for a seasonal job to make some additional income, it is important to stay alert and protect yourself from scammers trying to steal money and personal information. To keep your money and personal information to […]

FBI Impersonation Phone Scams

November 23, 2022

Impersonation Phone Scams continue to rise and vary. Recently, FBI Impersonation Scams through the phone have been happening more frequently. Not only is this frustrating, but also leads a victim to panic and believe it is legitimate. It’s important to not fall for the scammers’ scare tactics by learning to spot the scam to avoid […]

Avoid Sending Checks through U.S Postal Mailboxes

November 8, 2022

In the past several months, check fraud through the mail continues to rise. It is important to understand the risks involved before choosing to send payments through the mail. Ways fraudsters are obtaining checks through the mail:* Fishing – an old-fashioned, but proven effective, method which they will attach something sticky to a weighted object […]

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