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Fake COVID-test emails are scams to steal credit card info

January 26, 2022

Don’t order your free COVID-19 tests from anywhere but the government’s website. Demand for at-home COVID tests has surged along with the highly contagious omicron variant. Now cybercriminals are trying to take advantage of people searching for those kits by using scam emails to lure them to fake websites that steal credit card and other […]

New crypto payment scam alert

January 11, 2022

There’s a new spin on scammers asking people to pay with cryptocurrency. It involves an impersonator, a QR code, and a trip to a store (directed by a scammer on the phone) to send your money to them through a cryptocurrency ATM. It works like this: someone might call pretending to be from the government, […]

Gift cards scams are increasing – what to look for

December 9, 2021

The FTC recently released this excellent article. According to the newest Data Spotlight, 40,000 people reported losing a whopping $148 million in gift cards to scammers during the first nine months of 2021. Those are staggering numbers which have increased each year for the past several years. Since 2018, gift cards have been the most […]

The Naughty List: BBB’s 12 Scams of Christmas

November 22, 2021

By Better Business Bureau. November 10, 2021. While 2021 is quickly winding down, scams targeting the public continue to cause trouble. Consumers should watch out for any fraudulent schemes aimed at swiping their cash and stealing personal information. Better Business Bureau (BBB) has a Naughty List with the top 12 scams of Christmas that are most likely to catch […]

Gambing Problem – How to Implement Self-Imposed Gambling Limits

November 17, 2021

Some individuals may find that using self-imposed limits helps to keep their online gambling behavior at a responsible level. A registered player may select one or more limits or may suspend their registered iGaming account for a certain period of time. Registered players can select a limit or suspension by logging into their account and […]

Child Tax Credit scammers are still reaching out

November 5, 2021

Many people have gotten their advance Child Tax Credit payments this year, but scammers are taking advantage of this new program to try to trick you out of money or information*. They’re pretending to be the IRS, contacting people by phone, text, email, and social media — and sending people to official-looking websites that look […]

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