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FMFCU certificates offer a great way to save for short and long term needs. Terms vary from 3 months to 5 years and offer high yields. Unlike some other investment options, your funds are insured by NCUA. Membership eligibility applies.
  • $500 minimum balance requirement
  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual automatic distribution of dividends

Start Smart Certificate

Start Smart certificates are designed for members under 18 years old. These certificates feature the same great benefits as our standard certificates but have two additional features. These include a lower minimum balance requirement and the ability to make additional deposits!
  • $250 minimum balance requirement
  • Additional deposits can be made anytime during the term ($250 miminum per deposit)
  • Monthly or quarterly dividend distribution options

Take Control Certificate

Take Control Certificates are for members 55 and over. These provide an annual option to make changes to the yield and amount with no penalty*. Early withdrawals and annual withdrawals are also available with no penalty*.
  • $500 minimum balance
  • 60 month term
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual automatic distribution of dividends

* Must be 55 years or older. 60 month term. Funds must stay on deposit for a minimum of seven days. Rate upgrade options and penalty free withdrawals may be made once every 365 days at least 12 months from opening, renewal, last upgrade date or last withdrawal. Rate upgrade options or penalty free withdrawals can both be exercised in the same 12 month period but only if they occur on the same date. For premature withdrawals from IRA certificates, IRS penalties may apply; consult your tax advisor.

Bump Certificate

FMFCU’s Bump Certificate offers extra flexibility. This is a 24-month certificate that features a one-time option to "bump" your rate and deposit amount! If you open one today and rates improve in a few months just "bump" your rate to the better, higher rate. You can also make an additional deposit when you bump to take full advantage of this product.
  • $500 minimum balance for adults, $250 for minors
  • One-time rate upgrade per term
  • One-time additional deposit per term ($500 for adults, $250 for minors)
  • Bump option available each time when the product renews
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