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                        For the past 10 years, I enjoyed the honor of serving
                        as chairman of the Board of Directors at Franklin Mint
                        Federal Credit Union. It is a volunteer role I am stepping
                        away from in May 2020.

                        When I think back on my time at the Credit Union, one
     word immediately comes to mind – GROWTH! Growth in membership,
     partner groups, employees, branches, asset size, and technology. Throw in
     a new corporate office, too.

     The incredible story that is FMFCU I always personally love sharing. From
     serving one partner group in 1970 to 2,500 today. From $1 million in assets
     after year five to over $1 billion currently. Growing to nearly 400 employees.
     Growing into Chester County, Philadelphia, and the state of Delaware. Growth.

     Still, over my 25 years on the FMFCU board, there has been something
     even more identifiable, more entrenched within our organization – a
     universal commitment from the management teams to offer the products
     and services that help members meet their financial needs. After all,
     it is because of the loyalty and support of our members that FMFCU
     commemorates 50 years in 2020.

     Happy 50th, FMFCU! It’s been rewarding to be part of something special.

     All The Best,

     J. Patrick Killian

                                              JESSICA ANDREWS
                                              MEMBER SINCE 2011

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