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Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Periodic payments, including federal tax refunds and most payroll and Social Security checks, can be directly deposited into your Credit Union checking or savings accounts. Whether you want your entire check or a portion of your check to be deposited, setting it up is simple.

  • Funds are deposited directly into your account
  • Funds are available on the day of deposit (electronic payments only)
  • Reduces or eliminates trips to the branch

How to set up Direct Deposit

1. Get a Direct Deposit Form from your organization. Then provide all of the information listed in steps 2 - 5.

2. FMFCU Routing & Transit Number: 231382306

3a. To deposit into checking account:
Enter your checking account number with a '0' (zero) added before it.

Note: Your checking account number is different from your member number. The checking account number can be found on your checks as shown below:

Direct Deposit sample check image

3b. To deposit into savings account:
Enter your member number followed by a '-' (dash) and two '0' (zeros) for your primary savings account. If you have a Start Smart primary savings account, enter your member number followed by '005'. If you have a Super Saver Savings Account, enter your member number followed by '007'.

4. Provide FMFCU's name and address given below:

Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union

PO Box 1907

Media, PA 19063-8907

5. Return the form to the appropriate department in your organization for processing.

Direct Deposit of your Social Security or SSI checks
Visit for more information on how to set up direct deposit of your Social Security or SSI checks.

Got questions? Check out our FAQs.

Direct Deposit of your Federal Tax Refund
Now, taxpayers can split their refunds among up to three accounts held by as many as three different U.S. financial institutions, such as banks, mutual funds, brokerage firms or credit unions. It doesn't matter if you file by paper or electronically.*

To split your refund among two or three different accounts or financial institutions, you should complete Form 8888. To deposit some or all of your funds in your FMFCU account, make sure you use our ABA/Routing number: 231382306

*Read this IRS article for details.

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