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In September 2006, FMFCU introduced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA was added to enhance the protection of our members' e-Banking online security. This adds an extra layer of protection to your online account. The new security feature provides an image and phrase that is personalized by you.

Why do I need MFA?

The increase in threats to the security of financial information and funds are causing a concern among credit unions, members, and regulators. This solution helps address these concerns.

How does MFA work?

When you enroll in MFA, you will select an image and a phrase known only to you. Whenever you logon to your e-Banking account, the system will display the image you selected so you feel confident that you are accessing your legitimate FMFCU e-Banking site and not an impostor site.

The system also checks the computer(s) you are using to access your FMFCU e-Banking account. Typically you will access your account from one or two computers, such as your work and home machine. The system remembers your computer if it is registered when you set up the security system. If you logon from a different computer, the system will take additional steps to verify your identity, such as asking you to provide the answers to your own personalized security questions.

How am I more secure with MFA?

If your user name and password are stolen, the third party will be unable to access your account because he/she is not at your registered computer. And since the computer is not registered, the system will prompt the security questions, to which only you know the answers.

Additional MFA Information

For more information including questions and answers, please view our MFA Q&A.
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