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FMFCU will never ask you for personal account information via e-mail. In addition, our latest technology allows you to identify authentic FMFCU e-mails when they arrive. A unique “E-Mail Key” appears at the bottom of every e-mail sent to you from FMFCU’s general address. This key is a 128-bit Globally Unique Identifier (GUID), which will be unique for each e-mail sent to you from our address.

This is an example of what the key looks like in the bottom-left corner of every FMFCU e-mail:

Email Key Example
FMFCU members will always be able to confirm any e-mail’s authenticity by calling our Member Service Center at 610-325-5100. Our representatives will be able to verify the e-mail when you provide them with your e-mail address, or with the E-Mail Key. In the event your E-Mail Key does not match our records, the e-mail(s) are likely to be a phishing scam and will be reported.


1. Our Member Service Center individual staff members can reply to you or send you e-mails which are routed through a different server. These generally are responses directly to member inquiries and never contain personal banking information. These e-mails do not contain the e-mail key.

2. In addition, when you change your e-Banking password, an auto reply e-mail will be sent to you from: AutoNotification@GALAXYPLUS.COM. This comes directly from our e-Banking provider and also does not contain an E-mail Key.

3. Our e-Statement vendor sends out e-mail notifications when statements or tax forms are ready. The notifications come from with a unique sequence number each month (for security).

Additional Information

To help us send out targeted e-mails to our membership about product and service information, we utilize a third-party vendor. This vendor also is utilized for online surveys, events, web polls, and referrals. Some forms may even be used on our web site so that we can serve you better. These forms are secure and encrypted when sent to our third-party vendor. Our Member Service Representatives then login to their secure servers and retrieve the information.

E-mails sent via our third-party vendor are actually sent from our own subdomains that we have set up under our fmfcu domain. Currently, it is:

Only our third-party vendor has the details for these subdomains so you'll know nobody else can utilize these domains.

NOTE: To make sure you receive our important e-mails, please make sure you've given the above mentioned addresses permission in your e-mail clients such as Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, gmail, MSN, and AOL. Sometimes certain keywords are picked up by filtering software and legitimate e-mails are sent to your spam folder. By allowing our subdomains to come through, you'll be sure to receive FMFCU messages.
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