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Frequently Asked Questions | eTransfers

What is eTransfer? How secure is the eTransfer service? What is the fee for the e-Transfer service? How would I know if I am eligible to use this service? What FMFCU accounts can I use for transfers? Can I use the eTransfer service to transfer to someone other than myself? How do I sign up? Is the enrollment process automatic? What is the ABA/ Routing Number? Where do I find the ABA/ Routing Number? What is a “10 digit ACH account” format? Once my application has been approved, how do I make changes or add additional accounts for this service? How long will it take for my funds to be transferred using the eTransfer service? Can I set up a recurring or scheduled transfer? How often can I transfer funds? Is there a limit on the dollar amount I am permitted to send per transaction? Will I be able to make transfers to Western Union? Will I be able to make transfers directly to my loans? Can the e-Transfer service be used internationally? What are the criteria for the password? How do I reset/unlock my e-Transfers password should I have a problem? Will I be notified when the transfers are complete? Can I cancel a transfer once I have initiated it? Are there limits to the number of transfers I am permitted monthly? What if I schedule a payment and I do not see it coming out of my account in the allotted amount of time? Although I have scheduled transfers in the past, I am no longer able to schedule a transfer. Why? What does it mean to be in good standing?
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