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Enhanced e-Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Login/ Enrollment Questions

What is the criteria for the Login ID?
Your Login ID must be a unique sign-on and may not already be in use.  Valid Login Ids will meet the following criteria:

  • Must contain at least one alpha character
  • Must contain no more than 20 characters
  • The login id is not case sensitive

If the Login ID is already in use, the following message will appear:  Login ID already exists, please choose another Login ID.

What is the password criteria?
New FFIEC guidelines have mandated added security. For your added protection, it must

  • be at least 8 characters long
  • have at least one letter
  • have at least one number
  • have both upper and lower case characters

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?
For security reasons, we will need you to enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication. This is the authentication that adds a picture and passphrase to your login-in page. The first time you login, you will be prompted to choose three security questions and a passphrase.   A random picture will be assigned.   On future logins, the assigned picture and the passphrase you selected should be present.   If not, do not login in as you may be on a fraudulent site.

Will I be able to change the picture?
The picture, passphrase, and questions can all be changed by you once you login to e-Banking.    Simply select the User Profile tab and then MFA Preferences.  From there, you can update your phrase, picture and your questions.

Will I be required to provide an e-mail address when I log into the new system?
YES.  e-Banking requires all users to submit a valid e-mail address.  If you don’t have an e-mail address on file with FMFCU, you will be prompted to provide one.

What if I have never enrolled in e-Banking?   How do I enroll?
If you are a first time user, click on the “Not Enrolled?  Enroll Today!” link located directly beneath the Login ID field.  

You will be prompted to enter the following information that must match the information on FMFCU’s system.

  • Member Number
  • Primary Member’s Last Name
  • Primary Member’s SSN (last 4 digits)
  • Primary Member’s Zip Code
  • Primary Member’s Date of Birth

Once validated, a temporary password will be sent to the email entered.   Since the password will expire in 30 minutes, you should take this action only when you plan on completing the process and have immediate access to the email address you entered

What Browsers are supported?
The following Browsers are recommended for the best e-Banking experience:

Service Questions

Will I receive a pop up blocker when I access bill pay, check copies, etc?
Since many of our services are provided by partner organizations, it is required that you allow pop ups from the new site.

Can eAlerts be sent to my cellphone?
eAlerts is an email based service.  They can be received on your phone but only if you have a Web enabled phone that receives emails.  The service does not send text messages at this time.

How do I set up a Scheduled Transfer?
On the Transaction Tab, select a transfer to & transfer from account, enter the amount, and select the option for “Scheduled” from the Occurrence drop down menu.  Once it is complete, it will appear in the Scheduled Transfer section.

Are there any features that I should be aware of?
Click through the tabs to get familiar with everything we offer.  If you don't see what you're looking for, visit the Services tab. Here, you can take advantage of the many services that we offer.  You will also find links to secure forms and links for easy access to many of our partner services like credit card sites, foreign currency, and check reorders.

Can I download to Personal Financial Management programs?
YES. e-Banking supports a variety of download options including Quicken (2009 and higher), QuickBooks (2009 and higher), CSV, and OXF (can be used for Microsoft Money) formats.  

Where do I find the link for the download options?
The four Icons appear at the bottom of the history page.  Click on the appropriate Icon and you will be prompted to save the downloaded file in the location you choose.  

Display Questions

Why am I having trouble viewing the demo?
If your Internet Explorer security settings are raised from Medium (the default) to High, the shockwave flash player won’t load, and therefore neither will the video.  Also, if you have plug-ins set to disallow the flash player, you won’t be able to view the video demo.

Why would I want to change the view on my home page?
Choosing between the two or three column view is simply a personal choice.  There is no functionality difference between the two. 

Why can I remove or minimize some of the boxes from the home page?
Some of the boxes are hardcoded to display at all times.   For instance, it its important the Credit Union Announcement box be available in case there is an important message that we need to communicate.  Other services, which are personal preferences, can be removed or minimized.  Don’t worry, you can get them back at any time by simply clicking on the Add Content link at the top right.

Am I able to see the Point of Sale transactions that haven’t yet posted to my account?
YES. As long as you have not minimized or removed the Authorization Hold box, all Point of Sale (POS) transactions that are on hold but have not yet posted to your account, will be available on the home page.   

Am I able to see direct deposit or other electronic transactions that haven’t yet posted to my account?
YES. As long as you have not minimized or removed the ACH Warehouse box, all pending electronic transactions that have been received but are future dated, will be available on the home page.  

I have several different savings accounts and several certificates.   They all look the same.   How can I tell them apart?
With the e-Banking site, it is easy to rename your accounts to something that you recognize.   From the home page, simply click on the ID you wish to rename.  It will take you to the history page and display a section for account information.  Click on the “rename” field and you can type in a name that will be familiar to you.  The change will be immediate and can be changed again if needed.

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