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Premier Access Bill Payer

Bill Payer* allows you to transfer funds from your checking account to almost any vendor through your computer. Bill Payer puts you incontrol! You decide who to pay, how much to pay and when to pay them.
  • Pay bills directly from your checking account(s), without writing checks
  • Send payments to almost anyone, anywhere
  • Schedule recurring or one-time payments
  • e-Bills - have bills delivered electronically to your account
  • Choose any of your checking accounts to make payments
  • Save money on stamps and gas
  • Improves credit by paying bills on time
  • Total control of your account--change or cancel payments anytime
  • Safe and secure
  • See more information on our Go Green site!

The process is simple. Select the payee from your personal list, enter the dollar amount and date, confirm your transaction and your bills will be processed on the date you select.

We all have bills that are due the same day, for the same amount every month, like mortgage payments, car payments, and insurance premiums. Bill Payer allows you to set up recurring payments so you'll never miss a payment again. It's easy--schedule the amount and date of payment and each month, Bill Payer will send the check for you.

With Bill Payer, you're always in control. You can cancel payments, change dates, amounts and vendors at any time.

How to Sign Up

It's easy to sign up. Once you're in e-Banking, just click on the Bill Payment link and agree to the disclosure. Then you can begin adding payees. You just need to wait up to 4 hours to make your first payment. That's all there is to it!


Expedited Bill Payment

Lets you pay bills when you are close to the payment deadline and want to avoid late fees and additional interest charges. Payment options: $10 for electronic payment or $15 for a check (for companies that don't accept electronic payments.) If you request this service Monday-Friday by 3 p.m., your payee will receive an electronic payment the next business day. Checks are put into overnight mail.You can also make immediate payments for a small fee--either make the payment electronic or send an overnight check so you'll never be late. Read our Frequently Asked Questions.


Bill Payer Demos

Bill Payer demo - actually use a live demo to see how easy it is to pay your bills online
Watch a video - view this great summary of online bill payment and e-bills (speakers needed).

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Related Services

* With Premier Access Bill Payer, a non-access fee of $8.95 will be charged to your checking account if the service is not used for 90 consecutive days--unless you cancel the service in writing.
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